Designed to roast pigs up to 250 lbs.


The Hog Master is permenently built on a medium sized trailer to be portiable using a 2" ball hitch.


On the back is a contertop that folds down to provide a place to prepare the hog on the spit and after cooking to server the finished meat from.


The spit has stips to hold the legs streight out so the meat will cook fast, U-shaped clamps to hold the backbone to the spit and prongs on each end to hold the hunches.


The winch is centrally located to service both the counter in the back and the grill in the front.


Once in place the lid will be closed and the pig will be cooked for about 12 hours.


Carcoal is placed in the screen racks on the sides which can be removed making it easier to clean the cooker.


Another view inside


Charcoal is placed in the racks via the access doors around the cooker so the large lid does not need to be opened releasing all the heat.


When cooking the doors can be cracked to allow some venting


Greese dripping from the pig is gathered in the bucket as it drips from the drain hole in the bottom of the cooker. The cooker has a slight tilt toward the drain.


If more venting is needed a large vent can be used at the top of the cooker. This will, however, release more heat.


Once the hog has been cooked the grill can be inserted to keep the pans of pork warm. The grill can also be used to cook other meats (ie. chicken, burgers, etc.).


Motor and gear reduction provides about a .5 rpm


The cooker has a latch and hook to pervent it from opening while in transit and from little inquesitive hands.


There are cabinets around the trailer facing outward. This allows all work to be done from the ground level without being on the trailer. All cabinets also have latches and hooks for transit.


In the back is a connection for electricity. Flip out the cover a plug in an extension cord.


Inside the right cabinet are switches that control the lights and spit motor, there is also an electrical outlet there.


The lights on the winch plug into an extension cord, this cord can be pulled out from the box and used as an extension cord.


When cooking a hog, it generally takes about 12 hours. When you plan to serve it in the afternoon that means you are cooking throughout the night. These lights come in handy as you prepare the hog and maintain the coals.


At the bottom of the right cabinet is the plugit for the spit motor.