This is the basic truck we started with. Not the best truck for this type of applictation but we were willing to give it a shot.


Front view of the truck before modifications


First all the existing interior walls and insulation were removed. Then the sink was placed and a frame for the back "sales" window is being installed.

Rt. Window

Service window on the rear back. Divider across the back for the service window on the back of the truck. Hood is also installed at the front of the inside above where the cooker will be

Lt. Window

Left rear service window and rear divider. Sink at the front of the inside.


Outside view of the side service window installation.


Window and frame fabrication


Inside left side complted view after electrical was installed. Back Left Sevice window is just visible in the upper left corner of photo.


Right side showing ventilation hood for donut cooker and right side sevice window.


Last minute touch-up


Quick before they come to pick it up!


Proud owner. Notice the welding cable still attached to the truck (Just made it!). Also notice the service door in the back. The sliding glass door on top to sell from as on the sides but also the doors on the bottom open to supply the truck.

On The Road

And away goed the donut truck and our last free donuts!