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Bearings that are pressed onto a shaft will sometimes over time break loose on the shaft and  actually spin on the shaft. This causes wear on the shaft and the bearing. To repair this without replacing the shaft, a process called "shaft build-up" is used. Shaft Build-up is the process of laying a welding "bead" along the shaft where the bear has worn the shaft down. This adds metal to the shaft making must larger than the original size. The shaft is then turned down to its original size. The following images illustrate the process.

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Placing the shaft into the build-up lathe were the welding bead is laid in the area where the wear has occurred on the shaft.


Start of the build-up process. As the lathe turns slowly the welding bead is laid around the shaft. The welder is held in the cutter slide.


The bead is continue around the shaft. Each coil laid tight to the next by the speed of the cutter slide in the lathe.


The welding bead is continued until metal is laid or "built-up" in the entire area where wearing has occurred.


Shaft is then placed another lathe to turn the welded area down to size.

Set Center

Set center of the shaft is located to support the end of the shaft as the turndown process is done.

Veiw of set-up

This is an overview of the entire setup as the "turndown" process is about to begin.


Close-up of the turndown process



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